What are the signs that tell you have negative energies around you?

Negative energy is a very general term we use today to describe an invisible force that makes our lives more difficult. In some cultures, they call it the evil eye. Modern psychology might call it depression. Doctors might call it tiredness for no reason, etc.

It is true that we do not have all the answers, but one thing is for sure: sometimes we experience a rush of negative emotions, thoughts and experiences where our body, mind and soul react and we usually do not have an explanation for it. Let us look at some signs that people often experience when they are around negative energies and how to remove them. Of course, this does not exclude the option of visiting a doctor or a psychological health specialist. 

What are the signs?

Money does not flow easily, unpaid bills start to pile up, and you do not know where your money is going. A stagnation of prosperity is a sign that the path to growth is blocked, even when we are making enough money. You feel tired, exhausted, and easily frustrated. You go through difficulties like a roller coaster and end up feeling bad about yourself. Moreover, you are still exhausted even after a good night's rest, with a balanced diet. You feel stressed and unable to handle daily activities, things that were fine before. You are more prone to infections than usual and you start to get sick more often. Signs of a low immune system covered with stress.

Communication is affected, people do not seem to be able to understand you, and you feel like you do not understand others either. It is hard to take care of yourself and you cannot find time for yourself. Your sleep pattern is affected by strange dreams and nightmares. Your subconscious mind tries to warn you that something is not right. Negative thoughts and emotions seem to surface every time you are trying to relax. You are unable to concentrate with your mind wandering to random things while you are left with a feeling of emptiness.

What to do

Negative energy can have many sources and it is important to determine these to remedy the problem and take steps to correct all possible underlying problems. We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves. Do you know how to get rid of negative energy? Deciding to get rid of all that negativity is the first step. 


Simple acts of letting go and forgiving others and us have healing properties. All we need is to recognize that everyone tries his or her best. Use the power of water and its cleansing properties. The best solution is to prepare a hot bath, use some salt, and add essential oils from herbs with cleansing and healing properties, such as eucalyptus, sage, myrrh, and peppermint. However, remember to dilute and not apply products directly to the skin. You can buy spiritual oils for much stronger result. Ask for help from your deities, the universe and all the higher forces you have faith in. The first step is to recognize that you need help, put your pride aside. When you ask, they listen.