Waterproofing Services Singapore: What Is Wall Leakage And How To Spot It?

Most people are familiar with roof and pipe leaks. But unbeknownst to many, walls leak, too! What causes wall leakage? Is wall leakage repair possible? Wall leaks occur when there are existing pipe and roof leaks. Typically, pipes are lined behind walls and beneath the floor. Walls are made of porous material, meaning they have cracks and holes where water can seep into. Pipe leaks result in wall leakage.

Here are the signs of wall leakage:

1. Stained wall

When the wall is always wet, it becomes the perfect environment for moulds and mildew to grow. They would cause discolouration on the paint or wallpaper. The stain would start small but will grow big over time. If you suspect pipe leaks, call your plumber. If the water seepage is caused by roof leaks, you can call waterproofing services in Singapore.

2. Unpleasant odours

If you notice musty odours or the smell of wet paper or cardboard, it could be a sign of wall leakage. Look for unusual damp areas around the house. Much better to call your plumber or roof waterproofing repair services to inspect for the possible source of leaks.

3. Puddles near the wall

If you see puddles near your wall in the middle of summer, it indicates water seepage nearby. The leaks could be coming from your ceiling running down to the floor. It could also be behind your wall if you notice a wet blotch on the wall's surface. Call your waterproofing company in Singapore if you encounter this problem.

4. Dripping sound

Dripping noise is also a sign of leaks. You can check if your faucet or shower is making a dripping sound. If they are tightly closed, and you still hear the noise from the inside of your home, there is absolutely a leak in your house. You can contact your waterproofing contractors in Singapore to identify the nature of the leak. Water leaks mean a high water bill and a damaged home! Are you looking for metal roof waterproofing services in Singapore? Visit General Waterproofing & Service today.