Reasons To Use A Hybrid Generator

Generators are an important part of many buildings and many sites. Whether it is to help power a construction site overnight or to be used as an emergency backup source of power in a wide range of environments, they can prove incredibly handy, providing that support you need in the darkest hour and limit any disruptions that can cause havoc on site and to projects and budgets.

How do hybrid generators work?

In principal, a hybrid power generator takes two or more power technologies or electricity modes and merges them together for optimal performance and reliability. Hybrid as a term does not necessarily mean that the method of power is referred to, rather that there is a combination of a power and energy storage system.

Modern hybrid generators often include renewable energy as a massive part of its set-up. This is to help balance the use of the second form of power, which is often diesel or another fossil fuel. So, quite often you will find a hybrid solar generator, utilising the power of the sun and combining it with another power source for maximum reliability and energy security.

For brand-new projects where there is a desire to boost renewable energy and move away from fossil fuels. Hybrid generators are a good step in the right direction where there is a requirement for stable power sources. The external renewable energy source, combined with the traditional fuel allows for this. This renewable energy source is most likely solar power but could also be wind power or hydropower. The batteries for the generator are powered by this renewable energy source, with the power supply coming from this battery storage, so as to not constantly run a fuel-powered engine.

The benefits of a hybrid generator

There are several benefits to using a hybrid residential generator service davie fl. It is a step in the right direction in terms of the tech available to make for a more sustainable approach to whatever you do.

Friendly to the environment–combining traditional fossil fuels with a renewable energy source helps to reduce the need for consistent use of the diesel power that runs the generator. This significantly reduces the emissions output of the generator.

Reduces fuel consumption – as you are not running the generator through the traditional power source constantly and will only use it once the batteries charged from the renewable energy source run out, you’ll find that your fuel costs will be reduced substantially.

A smaller size – compared with traditional, fuel-guzzling generators of the past, hybrid solar generators are much smaller and compact. They are light in weight too, so you can transport, store, and use the generators much easier than with traditional generators.

Lower noise pollution–traditional gas or diesel generators are loud! Newer models of hybrid generators are much quieter, making them a much more attractive proposition for generators that are required in an office situation or a night-time site.

Consistent power supply – you need a generator to maintain a consistent supply of power and a hybrid generator helps with this. A fully automated battery system keeps you connected to power, without delay, no matter the circumstances.

Whatever your reasons are for needing a generator currently, whether it is for a one-off project or to provide back-up for the medium to long-term, there are major benefits to searching for generator hire companies that are near you. With the support of a company that provides generator hire for site needs, you’ll have your choice of the latest hybrid generator technology, providing an uninterrupted power supply when you need it most, quietly, without taking up a lot of space on site and in a way that helps you to reduce your carbon footprint.