How to Keep Japanese Beetles Away

Pests and insects can be annoying to deal with, and their prevention can become confusing. Most people ignore pests and insects in their homes until significant issues arise. Pay attention to pests in your home and hire a pest control service to eliminate the problem. 

Besides, one of the common pests in many homes these days is spiders or Japanese beetles. These pests can spoil your garden or lawn by eating the roots and chewing holes in trees and shrubs. On the contrary, most people ask questions like what eats japanese beetles or how they can get rid of them. 

In such cases, knowing how to keep Japanese beetles away from your home will be ideal. 

Tips to keep Japanese beetles away: 

  • Row covers 

Installing row covers is one of the most effective ways to keep Japanese beetles away from your lawn. Row covers keep your plants covered during the Japanese beetle's feeding season. These covers can physically block beetles from reaching your plants. 

You should also know that row covers keep pollinators away from the plants. As a result, you must not install covers when you do not want your plants to pollinate. 

  • Resistant plants 

Planting beetle-resistant plants can also be an effective way to keep Japanese beetles away. You must plant your lawn with beetle-resistant plants to avoid harboring any beetles. With these plants, beetles are less likely to infest your garden. Below are some beetle-resistant plants you can include in your garden: 

  • Forsythia shrubs
  • Burning bush 
  • Lilac bush
  • Dogwood trees 
  • Magnolia trees 

  • Repellent sprays 

You can use homemade Japanese beetle sprays to eliminate beetles inside your home or garden. You can use garlic and cedar spray to make a Japanese beetle-repellent spray. It would help if you crushed garlic cloves, depending on how concentrated you wanted the spray to be, and poured boiling water over it. 

Once done, you should leave the garlic cloves to steep overnight. It would be best if you strained out the garlic pieces and put the water in a spray bottle to get rid of beetles. Add a few ounces of cedar oil to 4-5 gallons of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle to drive Japanese beetles away. 

  • Grubs

You can quickly prevent Japanese beetles from harvesting in your garden by controlling grubs or exterminating the larvae before the beetles get a chance to mature. It would help if you treated grubs in your lawn in early spring or fall to ensure beetles are driven away.