How I Achieved An Instagram-Worthy Condo Interior Design

Scrolling through Instagram made me envious of how aesthetically-pleasing some condos of online influencers are. Since I live alone, I renovated my home depending on my preference. Should I change the furniture? Should I change the wall colour? There were many things inside my head, so I called interior design services for guidance. 

As I partnered with an interior design company, I got more ideas for improving my living space. Luckily, I was successful with my plans. And I am now living in a place I can call my home. Before this happens, I will share how I renovated my home with interior design services. 

How I Achieved An Instagram-Worthy Condo Interior Design

Gen Z is indeed social media-oriented, but I changed my renovation because I wanted to live in an aesthetically pleasing place. So, one day I told myself to make a change and feel more inspired to live in my living space. If you want to know how I transformed my home, here’s how I achieved my Instagram-worthy condo interior design

1) Determined The Theme

I went minimalist with indoor plants because I wanted a clear space. I had a small condo unit, so making it look bigger was my best plan. I removed the unnecessary furniture and donated it to my friends and family. After determining the theme, I called the interior design company to help achieve this vision and make it a reality. 

2) Incorporated Indoor Plants

I love nature. So, I also included indoor plants to make my home look green. I considered aloe vera, Asparagus fern, and Calathes. To make my home look more in touch with nature, I positioned these plants in the living room, bedroom, and balcony. Surprisingly, it added to the appeal of my condo interior design in Singapore. 

3) Balanced The Colour 

Another way I improved my living space was with the colours. I mainly focused on these colours: light brown, green, and white. I wanted to give my home more earth-tone colours. In doing so, I could feel more in touch with nature. The home interior design company helped me distribute the colours around my unit for a more balanced look. 

4) Fixed The Lighting

Lighting impacted how my 2-bedroom condo interior design in Singapore looks and feels, depending on the shade. I relied on natural lighting. As a result, my home would look more open and spacious. Since lighting was essential, I bought a new lamp to give my home an atmosphere or vibe.

5) Used Multi-Purpose Furniture

I preferred using multi-purpose furniture to save some space for my condo unit. I have a small apartment so maximising the area is an essential thing. This way, I could improve my condo interior design and do more things at home by using multi-purpose furniture. Simple living is more fulfilling because of the minimalist interior design. 

Luckily, I partnered with M2 Decor, a home interior design company that helped me transform my living space. You can also improve your home’s interior by visiting their website today