Advice to Keep the Celebration Going All Night Long at Your Wedding

This article is part of our Expert Guest series, in which experts in the wedding and honeymoon industries provide their best ideas and thoughts on creating unforgettable experiences.

One of the most typical reasons of stress for the bride in the months leading up to the wedding is the fear of an empty dance floor. The only thing worse than seeing an empty dance floor at a wedding reception after putting in many hours planning the perfect ceremony and menu is seeing nobody on the dance floor. There are measures you may do to lessen the probability that it will ruin your special day. These are a few of our favourite ways to guarantee that your wedding reception's dance floor stays packed all night long!

Use the Expertise of a Qualified Individual

Don't make the standard mistake of hiring any old DJ or making a playlist on your iPod if you want to keep people on the dance floor for the duration of your event. Think about getting help from an expert instead. The whole event will be hosted by a professional in the wedding entertainment business, such as the New York City wedding band Around Town Entertainment. Because of their ability to set the mood while keeping the energy up, guests will be less likely to leave the dance floor and more likely to stay for the rest of the event. You can opt for wedding dance floors for rent there.

Subcontract Your Music Selection To A Pro

Naturally, you'll have specific music requests for the first dance, the father-daughter dance, and other high-profile events throughout the evening. As an alternative, you may consider providing your band or DJ with a short selection of songs that you want to hear and a longer list of songs that they should avoid playing. Ask him to play a few songs that are certain to get people on the dance floor and give him the freedom to adjust the rest of the music to the mood of the crowd.

Invite your friends to help you choose songs for the party.

You might also ask the guests to help you make a playlist for the event. Include a place for guests to write down any song suggestions they may have for the reception on the RSVP card you send out with your wedding invitations. If you do not want to send out RSVP cards, you could want to have a place on your wedding website where guests can input their desires. Your guests will be on the edge of their seats waiting to hear whether their music was selected, and the anticipation of the big day will be amplified. When one of your guests' favourite songs is selected to be played during the party, they will likely break out into spontaneous dancing. There's music out there for everyone, and everyone has at least one song that makes them want to get up and dance.

Stay as close to the dance floor as possible to the bar.

If at all feasible, keep the distance between the dance floor and the bar as little as possible. If the bar is far in the back, nobody will go there to dance since everyone will be too busy talking and drinking. Far more people are likely to gather on the dance floor if it is in the centre of the room.