Adding power to your forklift hire

With fuel prices going through the roof in recent times, it is more important than ever before to take more control over the way you power and the way you use your plant hire. Hiring forklifts and telehandlers for everyday tasks bring great benefits to your site and project, but you must be careful with the energy consumption. There are different ways in which you can achieve this, through careful, precise use, fully trained operators, and forklift and telehandler attachments to boost the power potential of your forklift hire. Alternatively, you could look to switch to electric forklifts, charging the battery to make the most out of renewable energy sources.

Forklift attachments

There are a few different types of attachments that are designed to help you get the most out of the performance of the machinery. Fork extensions, lifting brackets, a general-purpose bucket, and other attachments can help to improve the versatility, flexibility, and efficiency of the forklift. In a time where we are always looking for that extra 1%, the edge that will make a difference in performance and keep us within the energy consumption limits we’ve put in place for projects and companies, the right type of forklift attachment is of the utmost importance.

Sometimes, there is the need to add power to your forklift hire, due to the type and quantity of materials that are being lifted and moved. For instance, if you need to handle sheets of reinforced steel, a mesh grab attachment offers the perfect form to remove the danger of damaging the material whilst allowing the extra power to perform the task with ease.

Heavy-duty fork extensions are constructed with welded steel to add extra strength and power to the performance of the forklift and telehandler you’ve hired, whilst a lifting bracket provides the means with which to lift extremely heavy weights in one go. All these attachments are designed to give the forklift operator a much greater and rounded approach to moving and lifting heavy, cumbersome items within a wide range of settings.

Alternative approaches to forklift hire

There has also been a change in an approach to how forklifts and telehandlers are powered. Utilising the latest technology to improve energy consumption and sustainability limits, without limiting the power credentials of a forklift, every new development within these machines gets better and better in its capabilities. Alternatively, electric charge forklifts can also be found on the market today, offering good performance levels, environmental benefits, and more. It will be interesting to see where the power increases and efficiencies of forklifts goes in future developments. 

If you require some assistance in choosing forklift hire and the right type of attachments to add power to your performance capabilities, look to an expert plant hire company. Experts in the field, a plant hire company has the experience and the knowledge to help you make the correct choice for your specific needs when it comes to hiring a forklift and ensuring that you get the most out of it. Different task types might perform better with the help of telehandler and forklift attachments, whilst your choice of forklift in terms of load-capacity and power capabilities will help to ensure an efficient performance whenever in use.