Why Should I Think About Purchasing a Tankless Water Heater?

It's really convenient to have hot water at your own home. Having a water heater simplifies tasks like dishwashing, laundry, showering, and even drinking. Before installing any tank, it is critical that you understand the many types available. Water heaters can be purchased with or without a tank.

While both do the job you need, an increasing number of consumers are opting for the tankless choice. These units can provide several benefits, ranging from increased life expectancy to cost savings. If any of the above reasons pique your interest, contact Towers Plumbing. One of their numerous Alpine plumbing and water heater services is installation.

Average Life Expectancy

Most water heaters have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years. A tankless system may last up to 20 years with appropriate maintenance and repairs, which is about double the life expectancy of typical tanks. This is great news for homeowners who would otherwise have to repair traditional heaters more regularly. It lasts longer than a standard water heater since it does not reheat an infinite amount of water.

Instant Hot Water

When you use a typical water heater, it may take some time for the water to heat up to your specifications. This is due to the fact that it must heat up the whole contents of the tank. Meanwhile, a tankless water heater can provide you with hot water whenever you need it. You will no longer be lingering impatiently outside your shower, nor will you be standing at your sink for what seems like an eternity!

Energy and Water-Saving

Bills are one of the most vexing issues that homeowners face on a monthly basis. Prices are always rising. Your water heater may be one of the causes of high energy and water costs. Traditional water heaters can cost you money and squander your water supply since they need you to run water for a while before it heats up.

Tankless water heaters eliminate the need for a middleman. You will only receive the water you require, no more and no less. By allowing Towers Plumbing to assist you in installing one of these units, you will see decreased expenses and more money in your pocket to spend on more essential things.

Lower Maintenance

As previously noted, a tank-style water heater is more prone to damage. This is because while the water stays in the tank, issues such as sediment accumulation can emerge, contaminating your water supply. They may also develop cracks or leaks as they age.

Because tankless heaters do not have a tank (of course), they do not require as close monitoring. However, tankless water heaters should be addressed. It would be beneficial if you continued to flush these heaters every six months to avoid accumulation. When assistance is required, only rely on the most reputable companies, such as Towers Plumbing.

Other Things to Think About

Before you have your tankless water heater installed, you should be aware that, while they might save you money in the long run, their initial cost may be more than that of their competitors. This is due to the fact that they also need more extensive plumbing and venting. Fortunately, when you contact Towers Plumbing, you will be speaking with a dependable plumber who can start you on the right road.

Towers Plumbing and its staff have gathered a wealth of information about various types of water heaters, as well as what different houses require to function effectively, having been in business for over 80 years. When they come inside your home, they may inspect the area you have to work with, the condition of your pipes, and much more.

You, like all of their other Alpine UT clients, will never be marketed to an unneeded product or service. Towers Plumbing wants to help you save money—after all, that's one of the reasons a tankless water heater is useful! They will help you install the correct heater and maintain it annually so that it continues to provide you with the hot water you need.

Call Towers Plumbing if you are ready for a tankless water heater or want to learn more about how it might benefit your life. They will provide you with a service that "towers" above all other plumbers in the area!