What You Should Know When Transferring A Mobile Home Title 

Most mobile home investors run into various challenges with mobile home titles, especially when transferring a mobile home title. Multiple problems arise with the title of the mobile home because of the following reasons: 

  • Title lost 
  • Non-presence of the owner on title 
  • Title missing 
  • The present seller avoids putting the title into their name 

When a mobile home seller has a clear title without any liens, you will face little problem transferring the mobile home title from the present seller to the new buyer. It would be worth mentioning that hazy titles would complicate the entire process. 

Understanding A Mobile Home Title 

If you wonder who would issue the title, rest assured the state where your mobile home is located would give the title. It would determine the vital information, including the vehicle identification number of the mobile home, make, model, serial numbers, the owner's name, the year when built, and information of the lien holder. 

Who Would Transfer The Title Of Your Mobile Home? 

Based on the state where you reside, you could transfer a mobile home title at: 

  • Motor vehicle administration 
  • Town clerk 
  • Local department of motor vehicles 

However, if you have a missing mobile home title, rest assured it would be a severe issue. Therefore, consider verifying that taxes have been paid yearly and are current with your state. 

Four Common Issues With Mobile Home Title 

Find below some common issues you might encounter with transferring a mobile home title: 

  • The Title Is Missing Or Lost

The seller does not know about the whereabouts of the title, or it was lost during a natural disaster or fire. Regardless of the issue, proceeding with the sale without a crown would be impossible. 

  • The Title Is Missing With The Seller Not Being The Owner. 

When a new buyer purchases a mobile home, they might not transfer the title immediately. As a result, the buyer is not legally the actual owner of the mobile home until the title has been registered in their name. 

  • Liens Showing On A Present Title 

With active liens on a mobile home, the owner might not have physical possession of the title of the mobile home. Until the lienholder is paid in full, they would hold the title physically. 

  • The Seller Is Not The Owner Despite A Present Title. 

Despite the seller having physical possession of the mobile home title, it might not have been signed or dated by the current seller or buyer.