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What to look for when choosing frames for kitchen cabinets?

When you select kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen or for remodeling the old kitchen, you must focus on frame type and the materials used for the construction of the cabinets. There are primarily two types of frames to select from when purchasing cabinets for the kitchen: frameless and face-framed. Earlier, almost all cabinets were built with the face-framed approach. However, newer designs are using the frameless construction option. These designs have an infinite number of styles and types to choose from. Frameless and frame cabinets are available in semi-custom, custom, and stock cabinet designs. If you are looking to purchase frames for your kitchen cabinet, check out furniture online UAE.

Materials and construction option

The materials used in building the two different cabinet times are identical. However, the method of construction differs.

Framed construction method

In this construction method, a 1.5 to the 2-inch border is used to conceal the cabinet’s edge. The face frame provides strength and durability to the cabinet. The cabinet door is joined to the side of the frame with the face frame construction method. You have the option of installing the doors either on the front of the frame or on the inside of the frame to give a flush-mounted, uniform appearance. Most of these cabinets contain a box composed of both substrates like medium density fiberboard, particleboard, or plywood.

Frameless construction method

If you go for the frameless construction method, also referred to as Euro, there is no face frame. The cabinet doors are attached to the side of the cabinet boxes. The full overlay style refers to the doors covering the whole box and cavity. Since frameless cabinets do not need a frame, they have full access allowing for the maximum efficient use of the space. The drawers and face frame cabinets are larger than the framed one will s. Most frameless cabinets are made of structural particleboard, plywood, or MDF.


Should you splurge?

If you are looking for an old-world type of style, you should go for face frame cabinets with solid wood drawer fronts and doors. Face frame cabinets, whether overlay or flush, provides a traditional aesthetic appearance that cannot be matched with their modern counterparts.

Where to save

If you want to save, you should go for frameless cabinets. They need less work due to the easier building procedures. Thus, frameless kitchen cabinets are frequently less expensive. However, this will depend on the material and style that you choose. With so many different styles and types that are a part of the frameless construction, you will find any anesthetic style of your desire at a lower cost.


Both cabinetry types have a wide choice of door styles. However, you need to decide whether you want a complete overlay or a partial overlay. The complete overlay covers the entire face frame, while in frameless design, it will hide the cabinet box. The partial overlay will allow the face frame or box to be partially visible.