What is different between Frozen and IQF

IQF is known as Individual Quick Freezing, which freezes the food product quickly, with the help of which the product is kept safe for a long time. IQF is a very useful method for the food industry which maintains the quality of the product and no changes found in the test.

The IQF method is useful for small products, where every food item freezes individualities’ advantage is that people get products according to their need and they are not forced to take more or less.

Food Preserving methods

The IQF takes only a few minutes to freeze this food and the product becomes safe for a long time. With the IQF method, ice crystals do not develop in the product which does not cause cell damage and does not affect the quality in any way.

This method is best to freeze food items because the chances of product waste are very less and people get the things they need with complete safety and without compromising the test.

The product freezes without human contact with this technique, food products are passed away through the cold air, the cold air falls on the product in a circular motion and cools it.

In the process the ice does not freeze in the depth of the food item and does not solidify like a stone. The IQF method preserves the test of the food product for a long time and there are no changes in its sizes and there is no decrease in nutrition in any way.

Nowadays IQF is becoming the first choice of people, it has surprised people with its quick-freezing method and many benefits of the method are being liked worldwide. Keeping the quality of a food item safe without destroying the quality and testing for a long-time used to be a task but now people are getting a nutrient product through IQF without any internal defects of the products and attracting the people's attention.

Freezing food items for preservation

Frozen is one of the oldest methods and the most widely used method which has been used by people for a long time to preserve food items where food items are frozen in large amounts, including large-sized fish, meat, and vegetables.

How does it work

 In this frozen method, the food products are kept in their same state for a particular time where they are cooled to the set temperature. Due to keeping them at the lowest temperature, the food items become hard and touching, feeling like a stone. The hardness of the food items can be a major reason for losing their quality and losing their natural flavor. Due to the long time the products are in the lowest temperature the chances of getting fungus in the food item increase too much, which can become a major reason for the wastage of the products. By the frozen method, the food cells can be damaged, and the formation of ice crystals takes place to a great extent.

Frozen method can freeze more products at once and there is no facility of individual freezing. There are chances of food wastage and there is a huge impact on nutrition too.