What is Curtains Installation?

The curtains are window coverings that are used to cover windows in order to enhance privacy minimize glare and hide unsightly view. The term window covering is applied to both permanent and temporary window coverings. Curtain rod brackets are mounted on the wall to support your curtain fabric hanging, while curtain rods slide through the brackets making sure they hang at the right distance from the walls. Curtains, whether they're sheer curtains or drapes, cover windows and provide privacy. Whether you are looking for blackout Curtains or sheer curtains, we have what you need. We offer a wide variety of custom made choices to fit your budget and your needs. Curtains are a great way to add color, pattern and style to your home. A set of quality curtains can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. With the best quality curtains and lots of options, our experienced team ensures all customers receive a quality installation that suits their lifestyle.

Procedure of Curtains Installation:

Curtains Installation is a need of every household. It depends on your choice and preference that whether you will have fabric curtain or Velvet curtain. It is an important part of home decor because it enhances the look, color and style of your house. We need to roll up the legs of the curtains and use a measuring tape to measure the width of your window or doorway. We will then cut the curtain exactly to that length and fold it back, making sure there is an overlap at each side. We care about your home and we want it to be the best that it can be.

Our experts will be at your premises to install the curtains. Install the curtains using the appropriate hardware. The curtain should fit snugly and it is important that no wrinkles or folds occur during installation. Our expert technicians will deliver curtains in various styles and designs that match your room decor. By determining the window area and the overall size of the window, we can ensure that the curtain will fit properly and provide you with maximum coverage. The area selected for curtains installation must have no sharp edges and should be free from any debris.

Tools used in Curtains Installation:

There are mostly 4 tools needed for curtains installation. These are Hammer Drill, Miter Saw and Tape Measure, Level and Step Ladder. Install a set of curtains requires several tools, but they are not all necessary. The required tools include Flathead screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, level and safety goggles.

There are two basic types of curtain tracks, rigid and spring. A rigid track is designed to hang a flat curtain behind it, like the kind you might use to block out sunlight during daytime hours. This type of track is usually installed in ceilings or on walls, as opposed to doorways. A spring-loaded track is used when you have a heavy curtain that must be held up by its own weight, such as an extending window shade or sheer drape. Drawers slide freely along tracks using their own weight to hold them in place.