What are the Benefits of Choosing Marble Countertops?

Marble countertops offer styles that you're sure to love, no matter where you place them in your home. The color is endearing and the price isn't prohibitive either. Marble countertops have a positive aesthetic footprint in homes, which is a benefit of choosing them for your home's interior design. Marble counters are also durable and offer an inexpensive solution to kitchen remodels that don't require extensive demolition or installation. You can check out comptoir de granit Granite au Sommet to see a wide range of marble countertop collections.

For now, we will see more into the benefits of choosing marble countertops.

  • Durable stone

Marble is durable. In fact, it is one of the most durable stone surfaces in the world. Marble countertops are made from a type of stone called marble that's quarried from limestone deposits in Italy or France. The stone is strong, so it does not chip as easily as natural stone like travertine or granite. This makes it a superior choice for kitchen countertops. Marble countertops also resist scratches and stains.

  • Rich history

Marble is one of the most prized building materials used in construction from ancient times to the present day. It's no coincidence that such renowned monuments and buildings as the Parthenon, Buckingham Palace, and even The White House incorporate marble into their design.

  • Stays cool

The material is composed of up to 80% water, and it's also incredibly porous. That means it cools efficiently in the summer and offers a cool temperature all year round. Marble is resistant to heat, grease, and acid and so it won't easily tarnish.

  • Easy to maintain

Marble countertops are easy to care for with the proper cleaning products and techniques. You can easily clean the marble countertop with a damp cloth. Never use abrasive or harsh cleaning products or solutions because they can cause wear over time. That will only make the marble crack, which could lead to stains, chips, and fractures.

  • Easy to shape and cut

You can shape marble countertops into different geometric shapes and sizes to create unique designs for your home. Marble is one of the most easily manipulated materials available in the world. You can engrave it, cut it, and shape it with ease.

  • Luxurious appeal

Selecting marble countertops for your kitchen will give you a luxurious appeal in the best way possible. They are also available in an array of colors, which means that you can choose a marble countertop that blends with your home's décor.