Clean a Wool Rug

Ways To Clean a Wool Rug

Wool rugs or carpets are the perfect things that can be used for home decor. So, if you are thinking of investing in wool rugs, it will be a great idea. But what is difficult in the wool rug is how to clean them. They are warm, look beautiful on the floor, and are durable.  Also, they are renewable and are made up of natural wool. Thus, before investing in them, you must know how to protect them or to take care of them from being dirty.

Moreover, they must be regularly cleaned to maintain the wool’s beauty. Fibers will be shed from a new wool rug. Don't be afraid; this is natural because of the way wool fibers are knitted, and the rug will not become bare as a result. Most of these shedding of the wool comes in the starting months. But if you start maintaining them from the very first day, the shedding of the wool reduces. However, the process of cleaning is different from the traditional rugs.

Ways To Clean a Wool Rug

  1. Shake Off the Wool Rug

In this process, take your wool rug outside and hang it from the balcony or clothesline or railing. Then with the help of a broomstick, hit on the wool rug. This way, all the dust that is being there in the wool rug will be removed. Once you complete this, you may also give it a shake on the clean floor. It will remove all the extra or left dust from the wool rugs.

  1. Use Of Vacuum

In this, put your wool rug on the clean floor. After that, take the vacuum and simply roll around the whole wool rug. Once the upper part is done, you may turn the wool rug and again vacuum it properly. But make sure you put the wool rug in a place where there is no dirt or the floor is cleaned properly.

  1. Wash Wool Rug with Detergent Solution

Firstly, take two buckets filled with cool water. Then, in one of the buckets, put a few drops of the detergent and mix it well. After that, take a cloth or other thing and put it into the detergent water. Then, clean the wool rug with that cloth. Once cleaned, put the other bucket clean water. At last, let it dry in the sunlight.


Removing dirt or stains from the woollen fabric carpet or wool rug is not simple. You must be very careful while cleaning a wool rug. Thus, make sure you don’t rub the wool quickly while washing it.