Top Colors to Choose While Designing Your Kitchen Space

Colors are perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to designing. Be it the design of anything. When it comes to designing the kitchen, colors play a pivotal role in deciding the theme of the kitchen. So, the influence of colors on every aspect and part of the kitchen is huge. It is seen that with the right blend of enhancing colors and a theme in your mind, you can design the perfect kitchen. 

So, we shall take a look at some of the most popular and sought-after colors that you can use to refurbish your kitchen.

  • Black for luxury 

Black is bold, black is luxurious. If that's the message you want to communicate or that's the effect you want to have, you must go for black cabinetry. But it must be well combined with other colors that can blend it easily. Fine metalwork complementary to the black countertops or cabinets will just grab the attention of your guests. 

  • Shades of Blue for richness 

Almost always in fashion, blue is used in almost every household. But the trick is choosing the right shade of blue! You cannot go about choosing the first shade you see. So, for this purpose, you can make use of dark or navy-blue aka inky blue.  Now, although dark colors are associated with a certain form of heaviness, you can neutralize it by pairing it with light woods and creamy countertops. Other colors such as teal and sapphire can also be used to give out a rich feel.

  • Shades of Red 

If you happen to have a dark room, or if your kitchen happens to be dark, red is the color you should go with. Red cabinets or countertops can go astoundingly well with raw materials such as natural woods or stones etc. People often rule out red color given its bright nature. But if you already have a room where natural light is scarce, using red color can uplift the room, and it wouldn't appear too bright or garish.

  • Popular Gray

Gray has recently become popular and is seen in several households. Although sometimes it is considered too cold for a kitchen, with the right shade, you can make it work. Besides, there's a wide spectrum of colors that go with gray. So, gray may definitely be a choice for the kitchen. 

With countless design ideas available on the internet or around you, you can choose the right colors for your kitchen. And, with RêveCuisine armoire de cuisine, you will know what's trending.