green city

These are the benefits of a ‘green city’!

The environmental situation world wide doesn’t look good. This is of course a problem that we have to solve together. However, there are a few things which you can do as a country. For example, in the Netherlands, people are now working hard to reduce nitrogen and cities are becoming greener. The latter is something that is always underestimated. That’s why we have listed the advantages of a ‘green city’.

Greenery in the city

A lot of big cities are already working hard on ‘greening’. Earlier this year, 300 bus shelters were installed in Utrecht. These roofs were realised with the so-called MobiRoof ECO cassettes from the company Mobilane. This company is in charge of big green projects in cities, but also for residential projects you can contact them. In this way,   urban municipalities can easily become greener and healthier. But what  are the advantages of a green city?

  1. Improving the environment

First of all, more greenery is beneficial to the environment. Cities themselves are quite polluting. Think about all the cars and buses but also houses that use a lot of electricity and gas. CO2 emissions in the city in particular are very polluting. Greening the cities reduces CO2 in the air. Trees and plants breathe in CO2. Greening the city is therefore an absolute must in 2019!

  1. Cooling

Secondly, a green city is also much cooler. The past summers in the Netherlands have been above average hot. Temperature records have been broken and it is expected that it will only get hotter in the coming years. Extra cooling in the cities is therefore very welcome. This summer, it was recommend to not completely tile the gardeb but also make room for plant and trees. It was also investigated that a tree has a more cooling effect than 10 air conditioners.

  1. Biodiversity

Another benefit of a green city: it improves biodiversity. We also see this in Utrecht. The bus shelters with green roofs are a paradise for insects. Particularly bees and butterflies benefit from a green city.

  1. It’s healthy!

Finally, but not less important: greenery is healthy. A green city with a living wall has a positive effect on the health of people. It reduces stress, improves social contacts and encourages exercise.

In short, a green city works cooling, it is environmentally friendly and cozy! How green is your city? And what is the municipality doing about it? Let us know in the comments below!