The Pros and Cons of Having CCTV Installation in Singapore

Home security has evolved and improved through the years, with each iteration becoming more reliable. What started as mere burglar alarms have now become recorded video surveillance that you can access from any device, like computers and smartphones. More people have set up CCTV surveillance for their homes in Singapore due to its reliability and efficiency. After all, most burglars choose not to rob houses with CCTV for fear of getting caught, and those who try will get their faces recorded by the camera. However, there are times when CCTV isn't the best solution for you.

Before you buy a CCTV camera system in Singapore, know your preferences. While this type of home security works for some, it may not work for others. Here are the pros and cons of having CCTV surveillance for your home in Singapore.


Have concrete evidence on hand

Perhaps the most significant advantage of getting CCTV surveillance in Singapore is having concrete evidence of anything that happens on your property. If you have clear video evidence of a criminal, you can send it to the authorities to help you catch them. You can also gain evidence to send to insurance. For example, you can show footage of your home to claim insurance if your home has a fire.

Monitor children and pets

Being away from home can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you leave your children or pets at home. Maybe you've hired a sitter and want to check if they're doing their job correctly. If you have older children, you can also watch out for problematic behaviours, such as sneaking out. With CCTV installation in Singapore, you can continue watching over your loved ones even while you're away.


Family members and friends might be uncomfortable

Living with your family means you're not the only person that CCTV records in the house. Many people might find issues with surveillance, especially if they feel it violates their privacy. Sit down with your family members and discuss how everyone feels about CCTV installation for your home in Singapore. You can compromise by only installing cameras in shared areas like the living and dining rooms. If that still makes some people uncomfortable, suggest installing them in the outdoor areas of your house. It's essential to prioritise the comfort of your loved ones.

There is a risk of hacking

Tech-savvy criminals can try hacking your cameras to shut them down forcefully. If they succeed, it renders your home vulnerable to any attacks. To prevent this, get a high-quality CCTV camera from Singapore. Also, ensure you install your cameras properly, as incorrect installation could make hacking easier. A professional can install your cameras for you if you're having difficulty.

These cons can be compromised and solved, but some people might not want CCTV as their home security option. With this information, you can decide for yourself and your family if CCTV installation for your home in Singapore is the best option.

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