The ABCs of Commercial Glass Repair: A Business Perspective

When the glass pane in your storefront broke. You probably have one question in mind: "Will replacing the glass cost less than repairing it?" 

The response is dependent on a few elements.

  • The type of glass door or window,
  • Its complexity, custom glass often costs more,
  • The amount of the damage,
  • What the insurer is willing to pay for,
  • The turnaround time, and 
  • Any potential materials you might need for replacement and repair.

Signs You Should Replace Your Commercial Glass Windows

It's crucial to keep an eye on your electricity bill expenses each month. If they are rising, it can be because the glass windows are not well insulated and you go for commercial glass repair.

  • Windows that leak, frequently because of a damaged seal.
  • Moisture or condensation buildup, another problem brought on by a broken seal, causing moisture to accumulate between the glass panes, is another telltale indicator of a broken seal.
  • Difficulty opening and shutting, this typically occurs when the hinges are corroded and worn out.

Common Reasons Commercial Glass Gets Damaged

Due to the heavy foot traffic, commercial glass windows deteriorate more quickly than residential ones. You'll require a complete replacement if there is significant physical damage, such as cracks, breaks, holes, or warping.

  • Broken frames. Typically, the frames holding storefront glass windows are composed of wood, vinyl, or aluminum. It might be more economical to replace the entire frame if it has severe damage or if the wood is rotting. 
  • Broken glass. Window panes may get damaged if scratches and other problems with window coatings are not properly repaired or maintained. It is preferable to replace the entire glass if the damage is severe. 
  • Faulty seals. Condensation will begin seeping into the dual-pane glass if the seal is cracked or damaged, giving both passersby and customers an unattractive, foggy appearance. A total replacement may be required if the moisture damage is severe enough.

Commercial glass repairs or maintenance repairs are crucial because, if carried out correctly, they can assist save on the cost of replacing an entire glass window or door. Consider performing some repair maintenance on the frames, seals, and panes if the glass damage is moderate.

Reasons to think about fixing commercial glass windows 

  • Old weather stripping, which is typical on older homes in harsh regions.
  • Cracked or ripped caulking, a sign that maintenance is required.
  • Loosened sashes are often the result of years of opening and closing them. 
  • Wood rot is the result of dampness over time. 
  • Nicks and scratches in the window tint can get worse if they are ignored.

So, Should I Replace or Repair the Glass in My Business?

Whether or not your window glass should be replaced or repaired ultimately depends on the circumstances. In the end, you'll need to weigh the expense of regular repairs and maintenance against the cost of a complete replacement. 

For more assistance, speak with to determine whether you should replace or repair the glass.