Moving Across the Country: Expert Advice for a Hassle-Free Journey

Moving to a home can be exciting; the thought of a new neighborhood can mean a fresh start for you and your family. If moving locally, you can enjoy the aesthetics of a new home but still maintain your friends in the old residence. However, planning a local move isn’t as easy as you imagine. It involves ferrying your belongings and having them fit in your new space. The best bit about this is that you can hire professional movers to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

 Here are tips for a successful local move:

  1. Plan in advance and budget right

Schedule the moving date and list all the tasks you need to accomplish. These may include packing, hiring movers, acquiring packaging materials, paying for utilities in your new home etc. Think of all the expenses involved and budget appropriately. You want to have adequate funds for the move and don’t want to get stuck in the middle. Also, set aside some cash for miscellaneous expenses to cater to emergencies.

  1. Declutter and pack efficiently

 Sort all your items and get rid of unwanted items. You will incur more expenses moving with bulky loads, and decluttering helps lower your moving expenses. For instance, sell or donate bulky furniture and acquire new ones in your new home. The Molloy Bros. Moving team advises clients to donate, sell or recycle unwanted items to avoid heavy loads when moving.

Pack your things per room, and begin with areas that are least used. Be keen on delicate items; you risk breaking them. Also, use high-quality materials like packing boxes and bubble wrap to cushion your valuables against damage. You can also use towels, blankets and heavy clothing to fill in gaps in the boxes.

  1. Label all boxes& indicate the contents

Label all the packing boxes and indicate what’s included in each. This helps you stay organized and allows easy identification. Labeling aids the movers in knowing how to handle each box and where to place it when offloading.

 Labeling also helps avoid damage and minimizes the risk of losing items during transit. Indicate “delicate” in the boxes for items requiring special care to ensure extra precaution when lifting. 

  1. Avoid DIY moves and engage professionals

Most homeowners opt for DIY moves to save on costs. But you can easily incur lots of damage to your belongings when moving by yourself. By hiring professional movers, you ensure safety and can seek compensation in case of damage or loss. Also, expert movers know how to handle different delicate and bulky items.

  1. Prepare your new home& pay for utilities in advance

 Set everything up in your new place and ensure it’s clean. Perform the necessary repairs and maintenance before ferrying your items. Moreover, pay for utilities in advance; this involves paying for operational costs and a deposit for the services. Doing this ensures that the services are activated soon as you move in.


 Local moves are easy and stress-free when you engage the right team. Hire professional movers and enhance the security of your belongings when relocating. You can also pay for a portable container and store your goods until when you are ready to unpack.