Make Your Roof Ready For The Solar Panel Setup 

It is the perfect idea if you are finally deciding to switch to solar power. People do plenty of research before reaching at this decision. People do their best to select the best solar installer in their area, top solar companies in New York or everything that is required. But, have you checked whether your roof is ready for the solar panel installation. Before having the solar panel installed at your home, you should be asking few questions from yourself. 

  • How exactly your roof look like?
  • How better the condition under the roof?
  • How much amount of sunlight your roof gets during the whole day?

Give answers to yourself and you will have an idea whether it is the right time to have the solar panels at your place or not. Let’s study a bit more about these questions. 

How exactly your roof look like?

You can start looking this by having a quick inspection of the roof. It most commonly depends upon the age of your roof. The condition of your roof completely depends upon the age of the roof. The more aged your roof is, the more work will have to be done on the roof. For example, if you are planning to change your roof in coming 5 years, then it is better to change it before having the solar panels. 

How better the condition under the roof? 

In order to know it, you need to check for certain factors before having the sola panels. You must look for the damaged tresses or rafters, mildew, stains or leaks on the walls, dirty or dark spots on the wall. If you are seeing any one of these signs under your roof, you must contact with professional immediately and get it repaired. 

How much sunlight your roof gets during the day?

Incontestably, the shade is the biggest enemy of the solar system. You must look whether there are buildings or trees in your surroundings because the shade on your roof can limit the efficiency of solar system. So, you can trim the trees so that your roof gets enough of the sunlight.