Ideas for enhancing C-shaped kitchen design

The kitchen is surely the most important space of your home, and you surely need to ensure it is  built precisely. Do you wish to transform your kitchen into a trendy and functional space? Let us tell you that a C-shaped kitchen design denver co can surely make that a reality. The ever basic layouts of the kitchen are U, L, and straight lines, but here will talk about only the C layout, which is surely a convenient and unique design for your kitchen. The popular C-shaped kitchen design is extremely versatile and super efficient for jazzing up your cooking space. As the name indicates, the design is shaped like the C alphabet, with the counter running along 3 sides of the kitchen area. In this article,we will share some ideas for enhancing C-shaped design of your kitchen.

Wooden design

By choosing a material like wood, you can easily and comfortably design 3 sites of your kitchen counter with attached cabinets. What’s more, you can even opt for conventional units alongside one wall for ample storage. For complementing the wood, you can easily use either grey, white or pastel colours for the both, the flooring and wall. vengurlekars chaitra andheri

Customizable shape as per your space

You must know that the length of all the three sites can surely vary, and if you decide to make two sites longer than the third, then the C-shaped layout will transform into a U-shaped layout. You must remember to always prioritise the cooking counter by giving it enough space, and then accordingly utilise the other two sites for the sink and cabinets respectively.

Setup for workflow

In order to make your kitchen more efficient and functional, you can ideally set up all appliances in close proximity to the cooking counter. For ensuring the best work flow, we suggest that you keep the sink and refrigerator right next to the cooking surface, while keeping the microwave on the ends of the C-shaped counters. vengurlekars andheri

Create a peninsula

According to kitchen design, the peninsula is positioned like a kitchen island. However, unlike the island, one side of the peninsula is firmly attached to the wall, which almost gives a C shape style to your kitchen. You can use the peninsula either for placing your appliances and food or even as a seating area.

Add a table opposite the C shape

If your kitchen offers you sufficient space, then we suggest you place a small dining table opposite to the C layout or even beside it. Along with giving a bright look, it is an extremely usable C-shaped kitchen design. The close to kitchen will be convenient for serving food to your guests.

Wooden panels over lighter shades

For sure, wooden panels contribute towards giving your counters a unique look. Made of thick good quality plywood, these panels give a clean and finished appearance. Wooden panels have a tendency to look best on lighter colour closets and cabinets.

Adjustment appliances

Should you decide to go in for a compact C shape kitchen design, we recommend that you set up your microwave right under the cooking counter, and next to the same, you can align all electronic devices. Further, at the counter’s end, you can conveniently adjust the refrigerator. This design give your kitchen a compact look and also takes less space.

Kitchen Island

A beautifully designed counter island is an exceptional feature for incorporating in a C shape layout for your kitchen. It is a cabinet which stands alone and perfectly matches your existing kitchen design. It works exactly as a beautiful cherry on the top, with three stylish counters around a beautifully positioned island in between the kitchen. This design works as more as an eating area and counter space.