How you can find rodent infestation in your home?


Rodents can give you a headache once they enter your home. They not only affect your home’s structure but also create a nuisance. So, one should know about the rodent infestation present in your home. You can contact the experts and use the information for reading out the signs of infestation.

Indications of rodents’ infestation

Rodents are irritating creatures that can easily fit into tiny spaces as well and come out to find out their food sources. However, they leave evidence of their actions that can be your signs of infestation. Some of the signs include – 

  • Greasy rub marks are present on the bottoms of walls where the rodents continuously move. 
  • Gnaw marks available on boxes, food containers, and some other kinds of household items. 
  • Rod-shaped droppings are moist when fresh. 
  • The sour or stinky smell comes out from the hidden spaces in your home. The smell is of rodent urine and feces. Your pets can easily detect this smell. 
  • Searching for a rodent nest is considered to be a clear indication of an infestation. Their nests are generally made of packing materials, cardboard, fabric, plastic, and other kinds of cast-off materials. 

Hiding places of rodents

There are many reasons that homeowners are not able to see the rodents infesting your home because they are usually staying in the dark and unable to reach the places. Rodents can easily fit into pipes, walls, basements, air conditioning vents, pantries, garages, and sheds. The place where food or clutter of food is available, the rodents automatically get attracted there to search the food. 

Trapping the rodents

In case, the prevention processes don’t work, many other methods are used for killing the rodents. Treatments like snap traps can easily harm the rodents and trap them to remove them from your home. The professionals can use different methods by which they can easily trap the rodents and keep your home safe. 

When you should call the experts?

Sometimes the DIY techniques are known to be effective, but professionals like Guardian Pest Control know how to deal with the actual problems. The team is always ready to provide flexible services that you can know about them by visiting