How To Take Good Care Of Composite Decking?

Like how you take good care of the interior design and luxury floor tiles of your house, you should do the same for its exterior, especially if you have a deck. For your outdoor area, invest in quality decking in Singapore.

Instead of opting for wood, consider opting for composite decking in Singapore. As its name suggests, this deck is made of mixed materials: wood fibres, plastics, and bonding agents.

Due to the composition of composite decking, it is more durable than wood decking. But even if that is the case, how you use and clear it can hasten its wear and tear. Below are some care and maintenance tips that might help you prolong their lifespan.

1. Avoid Standing Water

Composite decking may have water resistance, but when exposed to water and moisture for a long time, there will be moulds and mildew. Even though these fungi might seem harmless, they may cause health problems like asthma and allergies.

2. Redirect Downspouts

Another way your outdoor decking in Singapore to not get wet is to redirect the downspouts. Placing it in the opposite direction where your composite decking will help reduce moisture exposure.

3. Place Dryer Vents Somewhere Else

Besides moisture, the heat from the dryer vents can cause problems with your composite decking. Extreme exposure to heat can promote organic decay, and that might require you to replace the entire outdoor decking.

4. Get Rid Of Debris Stuck Between The Boards

Like luxury vinyl tiles, composite decking can be boards or panels installed beside one another. Removing the debris stick between can prevent further damage.

5. Sweep Often

Besides removing the debris by hand or using a spatula or putty knife, you have to sweep the outdoor decking. Doing it every week ensures there will be little accumulated dust and dirt on your composite decking in Singapore.

6. Mop The Deck Once A Month

Weekly sweeping of the deck is not enough to clear the outdoor decking, so you will need to mop the boards at least once a month. Doing so should help remove stubborn dirt. Consider using soapy water when you mop the composite decking and do it again with just water.

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