How to Get the Most Out of Family Time Spent Outside

By installing a new patio cover, you will be able to utilize the space in ways that you had not previously thought of, in addition to enhancing the outside appeal of your home and the outdoor area. This is due to the fact that you will be able to appreciate the area in a more secure setting. The vast majority of people think that adding a patio cover will expand their living space, but they are ignorant of the possibility that having more room may inspire more family activities to be carried out outside.

Selecting the patio covers in Boise, ID that will be put in your home should be your initial step. After that, the action will pick up, and you may start making new memories. Continue reading to learn more about the many patio cover options that are available to you, as well as some family-friendly activities.

A Wide Range of Designs Are Available for Patio Covers


Awnings have long been used to provide shade for patios and decks, which is a highly popular pastime. It's difficult to think that the Roman Empire was the first civilization to put pen to paper to study awnings because both their external look and the components that go into manufacturing them have undergone substantial changes since they were originally created.

Awnings are frequently pointed downward in today's atmosphere. The way the awning is constructed causes everything that touches it to be immediately drawn away from it. Awnings are still widely used because they give clients a wide range of alternatives. The two main types of awnings are permanent and retractable awnings. Depending on your demands, retractables can either be motorized or manually operated.

Solar-Powered Devices

As its name implies, solar screens are meant to offer a significant amount of shade from the sun. They won't interfere with your ability to see the outside world, but they will make it more challenging for you to discern what is happening within. In contrast to the other coverings covered in this article, the screen is meant to be hung vertically and serves as a protective screen rather than a covering. It is customary to retract them in homes that face south in order to conserve energy.

Patio Covers in Vinyl

These vinyl patio covers may be used either independently or in conjunction with an existing building structure since they are adaptable enough. The majority of them are built using vinyl 2x6 for the header and vinyl 2x4 for the joists. The ground, concrete, or wooden decks are all suitable post-installation locations. These patio covers are constructed from a material that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of plants and porch swings.

One option is to utilize a patio cover with louvers and the appearance of being layered. Simple, uncluttered lines and the use of darker hues define this approach. Butte Fence provides this style of patio cover, which is something that is definitely worth looking into further because it gives the space you want to cover a bit of sophistication.

So What?

Your patio cover will increase your living space and provide shade, allowing you to enjoy more outside activities with your family. Here are some ideas to think about:

A Mud Pie

A really joyful childhood cannot exist without some time spent playing in the mud in the garden. You must become dirty if you want to have a joyful childhood. Unquestionably, this is necessary. You should try creating mud pies in the afternoon. Pies may be made in a huge range of shapes and sizes, both in terms of the proportions utilized and the final product's overall look. You might use fruit clusters, twigs, leaves, and stones of various sizes as decoration. You should host a pie-baking contest and provide a reward to the person who makes the most inventive or visually pleasing pie.

Raised Garden Beds

Working in the garden together may be a soothing and healthy outdoor activity for the whole family. Whether growing flowers or veggies is the goal, gardening can be an educational activity for the entire family. Children learn the importance of exerting effort to obtain something that will benefit them cognitively as well as physically when they consume food that they have grown themselves.

If your yard is tiny, you might want to consider installing raised beds on your patio or deck instead. Plants that do well in the shade may benefit from the patio cover's shadow. The patio will be flooded with lovely perfume when using the grill outside due to the plants.

By the Campfire S'mores

Make s'mores over a fire you made yourself in the backyard. Make s'mores and enjoy the night sky from the patio cover while reading a book, relaxing in a hammock, or gazing up at the stars. Place blankets and seats on the terrace.

Chalk Drawings

Playing with colored chalk is not only more affordable, but it also has the ability to spark original thought and provide hours of family pleasure. You are free to draw meaningful artwork, game boards, murals, or even meaningful hopscotch on the concrete of the patio, sidewalk, or driveway. Even playing meaningful hopscotch is possible. This exercise is not only entertaining, but it is also educational since using chalk to learn the alphabet or to improve handwriting is a great method to achieve both of these objectives at once.

A Fort

With the aid of some patio furniture, blankets, and cushions, you can make a cozy patio fort for the whole family. Building forts is a traditional kind of outdoor amusement that may keep a family busy for a long time, both during construction and once the fort is built.

Building Faerie Homes

Building a fairy house is a fanciful and fun activity that can be carried out using almost any kind of natural material. Stones, sticks, and twigs are just a few examples of natural materials that may be used to build fairy dwellings. To build fairy dwellings in your garden, gather fallen leaves, moss, twigs, rocks, and sticks. Fairies are particularly attracted to homes built of organic materials. Even common birdhouses and worn-out stumps have the capacity to be transformed into enchanted and aesthetically pleasing environments for kids. They are simple to construct, and the only tools you need are some paint and glue.

Use Your Painting Skills On Rocks To See What Happens

An even more creative approach to having fun is to paint on rocks while you are protected by the patio cover. All you need to complete this project is the right colors, a paintbrush, some clean stones, and an original and unique concept in your brain. It is possible to hand-paint rocks with distinctive patterns, engrave them with inspirational messages, or carve animal shapes into them. The only guidelines for painting rocks are to use your imagination, have a good frame of mind, and have fun. Nothing is out of place in the least.


As you can see, adding a patio cover to your deck or patio may help you not only make better use of the area you have but also provide you with more time to spend with your family doing things that are important to you. For additional information on this and other services offered by Butte Fence, please visit our website at Following that, you will have the chance to speak with a professional who will walk you through the process of selecting the kind of patio cover that is most suited for your specific house.