How to Choose Your Vanity Mirror

One of the essential items you should have in your bathroom is a 600mm vanity. The main purpose of vanities is to serve as a place to store and put your valued belongings, such as your makeup kit, dental items, and toiletries.

Choosing the right vanity mirror does not have to be bothersome. Here are a few pointers you can use to guide you in making your final decision:

Vanity Styles

Because vanities have been around for years, you have a plethora to pick from when it comes to vanity styles. The frame and shape of the mirror primarily determine the style of a mirrored vanity. Traditionally, homeowners may pick rectangular or oval bathroom mirrors. But there are various other shapes and sizes you can choose from. It can also be influenced slightly by the treatment and size of the glass and the number of mirrors.

The Location of the Mirror

Another consideration is whether the mirror – or mirrors, will be mounted on the wall, put on a surface, or suspended. Not all bathroom or vanity mirrors must be hung on the wall, though many ingenious ways exist. Still, regardless of where you decide to install it, contact a professional to ensure it is secure.

Consider the Lightings

Using the appropriate lighting to compliment your mirror can transform the look of your bathroom. For a more minimalist look, choose a vanity mirror with built-in LED lights or backlighting. Some of these mirrors even include demister functions.

Mirror Size

If you only want one mirror, it is usually recommended that it be the same length as the vanity table or slightly shorter. But that does not mean you cannot go bigger or smaller. Smaller mirrors allow more space on the sides to add styled sconces to improve reflection.

The Importance of Vanity Mirrors

Installing a vanity mirror is highly beneficial. It lets you groom yourself better compared to using ordinary ones. This is because many standard mirrors are not as well-lit as vanity mirrors.

Choosing the right one on the market is a crucial step for any homeowner who wants to upgrade their bathroom. If you are ready to purchase a vanity mirror, contact Hera Bathware. We are an Australian-based manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen essentials.

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