How to buy laundry appliance according to your need

While there is some debate about how long the new washing machines and dryers will actually last, it is safe to assume that you will have these appliances for an extended period. One study suggests that your washing machine, on average, should last around 10 years, while your dryer can last up to 13 years. The lowest price is not always the best option. Find out what to evaluate to choose the best appliance for your needs.


Today's washers and dryers can do everything but squeeze fresh orange juice. Decide how much you can actually spend before making any actual purchases. The temptation to spend more for the attractions offered can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that the machine's bright colors will not make clothes any cleaner. 

Measure first

Plan where you will place your new machines. Measure your space and take those measurements with you when you shop. This is also a good time to decide which configuration to use, as some models allow you to stack machines to save space. Make sure your measurements allow space for plumbing, ventilation, and electrical or gas connections. How many loads of laundry do you wash per week or day? Keep in mind that you will have these machines for a long time to come, so think about how your life could change over the next 6-10 years when it comes to laundry. 


Some offer discounts if you buy machines that are energy efficient. Do not think that just because a machine has an energy efficiency label that you will get a discount. Get a list of equipment approved by your utility company or local government agency to take with you when shopping. When there is a bad product on the market, people are very eager to share their negative thoughts and experiences. Use sites that provide consumer ratings and reviews.

What is the ideal capacity?

The capacity of a washing machine is in pounds of clothes it can wash. There are mini-washers, weighing one kilo, and larger machines, weighing up to 18 kilos. The choice mainly depends on your space, budget, and daily requirement. It is also important to assess your needs, starting with the number of people in your home. 

Front or top opening

Both types of opening have advantages and disadvantages. Top loading machines allow you to stop washing at any time to remove or add an item. Front-loading machines tend to damage clothes less and take up a little more space in the laundry room. 

Is it worth having a dryer?

It is a good idea to invest in a dryer. It comes in two forms – modern laundry appliance has an in-built dryer, and you can buy it separately. It is necessary have especially if you live in a very humid, cold place or with little space for a clothesline. The tip is to use this function when necessary, as it can consume more energy. Almost all machine models available on the market have multiple functions. It is important to think about your needs when evaluating this issue.