Home Furniture Shopping: How I Managed To Do It Easily

The practice of hand-me-down items has been part of everyone’s life. There are things that we inherit from our grandparents that we ought to give to our children or grandchildren someday.

As an Asian, this is nothing new, especially to clothes. Since I was a kid, I always wore my older siblings’ clothes. I never got to wear new clothing, not even once. You might think I am being petty, but what can I do—I want to own and use something that is mine.  I want the ownership to be mine right from the beginning and not from others.

Because I was obsessed with ownership, I did my best to save up to buy things for myself. When I moved out from my parent's home, I only carried my belongings no matter how much my mum insisted I bring the living room lamp. She said this item would help light up my new apartment temporarily.

I refuted her suggestion. I told my mum that I had purchased a living room lamp for my new apartment and other home furniture I needed. I took care of all of this so I wouldn't have to worry about where to put my things when I finally moved in.

My Search For A One-Stop Home Furniture Shop

Before I came across Soul & Tables, I asked my friends and colleagues that already moved out from their parent's homes years ago about where they purchased their home furniture. Most of the answers/recommendations I received were from Soul & Tables.

Their catchy brand name made me check them out and see what home furniture they have for sale. Luckily, they have all that I need. Since my apartment is small, I only got a few items. Here are some of them.

  • A sofa
  • Nightstand
  • Coffee table
  • Dinner table and three dining chairs

Make a Room Mockup

Before finalising my order, I made a room mockup to see whether or not the home furniture fit in my apartment. Thank goodness, the dimensions of my choices are small, like the nightstand in Singapore. Since I got a queen size bed, a tiny nightstand will work so there will be enough space for the cabinet.

Wait For Sales Dates

Besides reading customer reviews, I waited for sales dates so I could take advantage of discounts. Thanks to the deals and promo codes that I used, the overall cost of home furniture shopping did not exceed my budget. I even got myself a sideboard in Singapore to place in the entryway of my apartment.

Do I Recommend Soul & Tables?

Of course, I would recommend Soul & Tables because I love my current home furniture as they complement my home interior design! I believe that the phrase there is no place like home is accurate now that I have experienced it with my newly purchased pieces of home furniture.

Go to Soul & Tables’ showroom in Tan Boon Liat Building if you are interested in seeing what their bedside table in Singapore looks like in person.