From Bedframe and Dining Chair Upkeep in Singapore: 5 Ways to Keep Furniture Looking New

Finding a piece of furniture that fits your space and style is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, once you have a beautiful coffee table, a perfectly comfortable sofa, or a fabulous dining chair in Singapore, take care of it and ensure its longevity.

Are you interested in simple advice for keeping your furniture looking as new as possible for as long as possible? With proper care at home, you can extend the life of your furniture. Here are five simple tips for maintaining your furniture's pristine appearance.

  1. Read the Care Instructions

Observe the instructions on how to maintain your furniture. This information is crucial because it pertains specifically to the item you purchased. Your furniture may appear brand new now, but you must familiarise yourself with proper maintenance to maintain this appearance. If your filing cabinet from Singapore does not have a label, ask the person from whom you purchased it for care instructions.

  1. Spot Clean

Spot cleaning can save the day! Your furniture's best friend is spot cleaning. If you clean quickly, there is a good chance that spillages won't become stains on your dining chair in Singapore, and you won't have to remove cushion covers. You can use soda water, salt, or bleach, whatever is necessary, to remove the stain. Scrub your messes as if you're staying at your mother's house.

  1. Avoid Sun Exposure

Avoid fading by keeping your super single mattress in Singapore out of direct sunlight, especially under windows. Consider rotating or moving your furniture frequently if its placement will expose it to the sun. Conditioning leather couches regularly will delay the onset of cracking. And if you want an effective block from the sun's harmful rays, consider installing window film.

  1. Wipe Them Down Regularly

No one wants to lay on a bed with a dusty bedframe in Singapore, so wiping them down is a must. Still, using water on wood or risking scuffing the finish on your favourite nightstand can be a little unnerving. The first step in cleaning the wood is to soak a rag in water containing a mild detergent, then wring it out until it is nearly dry. It will give you the extra push to remove the adhesive without soaking the wood. After giving the table a quick wipe down and drying, it is as good as new. If it is the finishing that you are concerned about, you can clean it without the risk of scuffing it by using a duster made of feathers or lambswool.

  1. Protect Furniture Fabrics

Despite its apparent simplicity, this is one of the vital care tips. Fabrics are the defining characteristic of worn furniture. Fortunately, routine maintenance can help to counteract normal deterioration. By closing the blinds, you can prevent the sun from deteriorating your cushions and prolong the life of your super single mattress in Singapore. Regular vacuuming or sweeping is ideal for removing the dust, dirt, and hair that can make your couch appear and feel unpleasant.

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