Four Mistakes to Avoid When Undertaking a Bathroom Renovation

Surveys show that the majority of remodelling projects homeowners in Canada undertake are bathroom renovations. Although the bathroom is the smallest room in your house, a bathroom renovation can get out of hand, especially if you do not work with the right contractor and you make some mistakes. These mistakes include the following:

Not Having a Renovation Plan

You may plunge into a bathroom remodelling project without planning for it. How tough can the project be? You just have to replace the toilet, sink, tub, shower, and lighting, and it’s done. However, a bathroom renovation that has no plan won’t go smoothly and can cost you more than what you planned for.

Planning a bathroom renovation is more than just choosing a design. YHIT bathroom renovations factor in plumbing and electrical regulations. You need to reassess your current layout’s functionality. An experienced contractor can help you develop a plan for the project, making sure all legal requirements are met and avoiding unexpected costs or delays. 

Not Setting a Realistic Budget

No matter the size of your renovation, you need to set a realistic budget for it. Your budget must include 15% to 20% contingency fund and you should stick to it. If you end up overspending, make some adjustments, so you still stick to the plan. For instance, you might need to pick different light fixtures or simply the tile pattern. 

But before you cut corners, consult with your contractor first. This way, you do not compromise on something that could result in quality control problems.

Not Having a Practical Layout

When it comes to bathroom renovations, functionality is always more important than form or fashion. The bathroom will be frequently used, so it has to be functional. 

Spacing is a big part of the functionality of your bathroom. Your fixtures must not be too large for the space or you must be able to move comfortably in it. Otherwise, even simple bathroom tasks can be quite frustrating. Again, your contractor can help you plan the bathroom space, ensuring proper clearance for every piece. Also, they can take accurate measurements and assist you in picking fixtures to maximise the bathrooms’ functionality. 

Not Having Appropriate Ventilation

Poor ventilation can result in mold and mildew development due to the condensation the bathroom generates. Also, it can deteriorate grout, metal, and paint. Ideally, a bathroom must have a window and a fan. Without a window, you need an appropriately sized fan to offer enough ventilation to the space.