Five most expensive places to purchase property in Essex

5. Hutton Mount

In Shenfield there is a residential area known as Hutton Mount which is located in the borough of Brentwood in Essex. It is known for its many affluent residents. This is probably why there are several properties valued at over £2,5 million. A further attraction as far as Hutton Mount is concerned is the fact that it is very close to Hutton and Shenfield railway station. There are some who have described Hutton Mount as a town which is similar to what is known as a liminal space when it can feel as if someone is constantly on the threshold of a transitionary experience.

4. Epping

The market town of Epping is located in the Epping Forest district of the County of Essex. It is attractive because of its close proximity to the centre of London which is only 17 miles away. There are two major rivers in the area such as River Lea and River Roding. The town of Epping is lying on a ridge of land between the two valleys. The London underground central line terminates at Epping. Properties in Epping can be obtained for approximately £2,6 million.

3. Ingatestone

The somewhat crowded village of Ingatestone is located in Essex and it has a population of approximately 5500 residents. It is close to other places such as Fryerning. Ingatestone is only 20 miles from London. This developed region lies on both sides of the Great Eastern Main Railway Line as well as the A12 trunk road. Because of this this little village has developed as an extremely affluent commuter village and this is why it is reckoned as one of the UK's best places to live. Properties can sell for approximately £2,7 million.

2. Chigwell

In the Epping Forest district of Essex there is another town known as Chigwell which is lying right next to the northern boundary of Greater London. In fact, it is so close that it is often seen as part of the metropolitan area of London. Furthermore, it is located on the Central line of the London Underground. Chigwell actually means Cicca's well because Cicca is an Anglo-Saxon personal name. Over the years this name has appeared in various forms such as Chikewelle and also Cinghe uuella. Nevertheless, Chigwell is a highly popular residential area and properties in Chigwell can cost approximately £3,2 million.

1. Brentwood

In the East of England and in the county of Essex there is the town off Brentwood. Like several other towns in this region it is situated with in the London commuter belt. It is only approximately 20 miles from Charing Cross. It is also very close to the M25 motorway. Brentwood has a population of approximately 55,000 people. This town has a small shopping area which is surrounded by residential developments. Beyond that is open countryside and woodland some of which is very close to the town center. This is a popular residential area which is why properties can easily sell quickly to cash buyers for £3,3 million.