Dos And Don’ts With Your Glass Coffee Table In Singapore

Glass is one of the crowd's favourite furniture materials. Its sleek and elegant look fits any interior design. Additionally, glass furniture is always available and accessible. The only drawback of glass is its fragility. You must be extra careful around your glass coffee table in Singapore.

Here are the dos and don'ts of luxury glass furniture in Singapore:

1. DO clean it regularly.

You can use warm water and dish soap to wipe your glass console table in Singapore. Avoid using brushes; instead, use a sponge or microfiber cloth to avoid scratching your glass.

2. DON'T sit or stand on your glass table.

Even if your sideboard from Singapore uses tempered glass, it is better not to sit or stand on them. Your glass can only handle limited pressure and weight. Too much pressure and excess weight can shatter your glass.

3. DO avoid direct contact with extreme temperatures.

Hot and cold temperatures can cause chips and cracks to appear on your glass. Always use coasters and placemats when placing a hot mug of coffee, a cold beer, or a bowl of soup on your glass coffee table in Singapore.

4. DON'T expose your glass furniture to direct sunlight.

Sunlight is another heat source. Prolonged exposure of your glass hallway console table to sunlight can cause your furniture to chip, crack, and eventually shatter. Keep your glass furniture in the shade.

5. DO protect the edges.

The edges are the weakest point of the glass. Cracks on the edges can run all throughout the glass surface and eventually shatter the glass. Avoid any impact or force on the glass edges.

6. DON'T ignore chips and cracks.

Thin chips and cracks only mean that your glass is not as strong as before and is on the brink of shattering into pieces any time soon. Keep your damaged glass coffee table in Singapore away for safety precautions.

Don't let your luxury furniture in Singapore go to waste by ignoring these dos and don'ts rules.

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