Custom Bed Style

Creating the custom beds style, you'll want to live with and desire to look at for times and times to come may feel like an inviting task at first. still, if we can simplify the process for a moment, the right custom-style headboard and bed frame will come to you through a series of well-guided opinions, and in the end, you'll want to make the entire room around your custom beds.

Hopefully, these simple directions will guide you and you'll end up with the bed you've always pictured of. And because all our beds and headboards are made to your requests and requirements, we're suitable to discover the bed style you have been searching for and make it a reality.



Panel headboards make up the maturity of headboard styles out there. They're generally about 2- 5" thick, depending on style. They can vary in greatly in range and height, making them veritably protean for different asked operations.

  1. There are numerous options of styles and shapes available in the panel headboards. From upholstered wall panels to extended side headboards and heights reaching 12 bases and advanced and wider than 20 bases if demanded
  1. The Panel Headboard in general can be shaped in nearly any design. From simple to eccentric to ultramodern.
  1. Price points can also be lower with a panel headboard and fit within a tighter budget if demanded.

The Shelter Wingback headboard has' bodies' that nestle around the center of the upholstered headboard, giving the sides of the headboard and incompletely enclosed area. The bodies generally project about 9" overall from the reverse of the headboard and about 5" from the center.



This option is just as it sounds, and the mattress and box spring won't be. Wall Mounted Headboard addressed or told by the headboard. Mattress support will need to be handled by the client, or a separate source. Our upholstered bed frames can either support or compass your mattress and box spring. They're erected to match your headboard and come with a variety of options to further customize your look.

  1. A Standard Upholstered Bed Frame supports a mattress and standard box spring. This option includes a cabinetwork leg of your choice. A Platform Bed Frame can be named and supports a mattress only, where no box spring is needed.
  1. A Bed Frame for a malleable Mattress Foundation can be added. This bed frame will compass your malleable mattress and foundation and conceal the under workings and mechanical corridor of the malleable beds. These bed frames are generally erected with a little larger opening to allow the bed to move freely over and down without rubbing on the headboard while it operates.
  1. A Matching Footboard can be added and is raised up so that it'll sit slightly above the top of the mattress. This gives a more finished look, as well as will catch robes if they tend to fall off the bottom of the bed.