Cabinets Fit into a Modern Kitchen

Can Farmhouse Cabinets Fit into a Modern Kitchen

Do you love farmhouse kitchen cabinets but are finding it hard to incorporate them well in your modern-styled pantry? Well, you aren’t alone. Combining vintage fashion with modern designs can be harder than you can ever imagine. 

However, this does not imply that classic designs cannot blend with modern fashion. In this regard, this article will teach you how to fit farmhouse kitchen cabinets into a modern kitchen. 

Are Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Yes! Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are the most popular classic-styled type of cabinets. Because of their unmatched functional attributes, these drawers attract admiration from everywhere. Farmhouse cabinets are majorly known to project an illusion of a larger space wherever they are installed. 

Hence, with them, your kitchen can appear monumentally large and more importantly, very functional. Besides their ability to match all interior designs, farmhouse cabinets are durable, versatile, and visually alluring, all of which explain why they are worth it. 

How to Fit Farmhouse Cabinets into a Modern Kitchen

  • Accessorize the Cabinets

For generic farmhouse-styled cabinetries to be compatible with a modern-styled cookhouse, they must be accessorized. This is because modern kitchens are sophisticated in terms of the decorative items they feature. The best types of accessories to go for in this regard are metallic accessories, specifically golden, chrome, silver, or stainless steel accessories. 

  • Mix and Match Colors 

Besides accessorizing, you can fit farmhouse cabinets in a modern kitchen by pairing them with matching colors. Because modern kitchen designs are mostly glaringly colorful, farmhouse cabinets are less likely to fit a modern kitchen unless they are blended with colors. 

Fortunately, there are many places in which you can let colors mix and match, from the farmhouse kitchen cabinets themselves to backsplashes, walls, floors, and ceilings. The takeaway is to choose colors that match your preferred design option and align with modern fashion.

  • Get Rid of Rustic Materials

Whereas it is possible to find modern kitchens featuring rustic décor materials, rustic materials are customarily not in alignment with modern kitchen designs. Hence, to fit your farmhouse-styled drawers into a modern kitchen, getting rid of rustic materials adorning them is necessary. 

  • Go for Metallic Hardware

Metallic hardware, for example, kitchen hardware and furniture engineered from metals like silver, chrome, and stainless steel, can blend well with farmhouse kitchen cabinets to project an ultra-modern outlook. 

Hence, rather than hold on to wooden hardware-which is the type of hardware associated with traditional farmhouse kitchens-simply replace them with metallic hardware to achieve truly modern visual aesthetics. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to fit farmhouse-styled cabinets into a modern kitchen. The good news is that farmhouse kitchen cabinets are significantly simpler in terms of styling. They can not only match many colors but also a myriad of interior décor materials, from natural to artificial materials.