Best Ways to Delight Guests of your Vacation Rental

If you are planning to go on a vacation, then one of the finest places to plan a vacation in Destin, Florida. Located near the Gulf of Mexico, this scenic place is blessed by mother nature. Surrounded by emerald green waters and covered by sugar-white sand, this place has beaches that will make you forget all the hustle and bustle of city life and the stress of a job. 

It is the perfect place to spend time with family which is lost among the hectic schedule of today’s society. Destin has a lot to offer. This place is also known as the luckiest fit fishing village because it has no dearth of fish. Initially started as a fishing place, this town village has emerged as one of the finest travel locations. 

The place is not limited to beaches. It also has some of the finest golf courses, aquariums, markets, etc. it also has other fun activities like parasailing, dolphin cruising, theme parks, mouth-watering seafood restaurants, activity places for children and those places where only adults are allowed entry. 

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You also get access to the nearby marketplaces in Destin Florida and hence, you can take the lovely souvenirs, which you will cherish for years to come. These benefits make the website a very handy tool when you are coming to Destin. 


Tips to delight your guests

Each traveller comes with a certain mindset when accessing travel websites in search of a vacation rental. Many factors come into play when it comes to alluring and satisfying your customers. Herein provided is a checklist of the basic considerations that you can follow to make your customers happy. 

1 Amnesties - there are innumerable things that fall under the umbrella of amnesties. To make sure that you are performing the best, you must try to provide for all the amnesties to your customers. Modern basics like Wi-Fi, cable TV or streaming TV have become a must these days. 

You can express your hospitality by offering a gift basket containing some local gifts which the customers can carry as a souvenir. Whenever your customers will see these gifts, they will be reminded of your vacation rental and your services thus, ensuring that the gift is something decent. 

2 Kitchen utilities - people who stay in vacation rentals prefer cooking by themselves and it is expected of you that you offer them some of the basic kitchen amnesties so that they can have their meals. No matter they cook a small snack or a large meal, your kitchen must be fully equipped. 

You must invest in a good and easy to use coffee maker which will be of use to almost all those who stay in your vacation rental. Besides that, you must also stack up the set of basic spices for instance the salt, pepper, etc. these things will ensure that the people staying are well in the basic requirements of the kitchen. 

3 Safety standards - the safety of the guests and their luggage must be your utmost and topmost priority. Even though this is their temporary sojourn, you must ensure their safety. Install some outdoor lights, automatic floodlights, etc which give a sense of safety to the guests returning in the dark. 

You can also install carbon monoxide and natural gas detectors. 

4 Basics of the bathroom - the bathroom is one place where guests have the most privacy. If the bathroom is spic and span, you would surely make a strong impression on the guests. Besides that, you can leave a personal touch on the guests by conveniently placing toilet paper and hand soap. 

You should also ensure that you provide all the basic toiletries which your guests may require. These can be found at the nearest local grocery stores and would not cost you much but the benefits are huge. 

5 Miscellaneous - there is all probability that your guests have done the packing in a hurry and they have forgotten something. You must take this opportunity to shine by providing them with whatever they have forgotten. Headphones, chargers, etc can charge you a lot if you purchase them individually thus, go for bulk orders.

You should also provide the guests with a lot of laundry detergents and surface cleaners. 

6 Be proactive while solving the issues faced by guests - no matter how hard you try, there is every likelihood that you miss something out or that something goes wrong. It is totally fine until you are ready to promptly. this prompt action will make your guests feel important and you can easily earn some brownie points from your ignorance. 


Keeping your guests satisfied is the best way to keep your vacation rental booked. Since word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, your guests will surely recommend your vacation rental to others if they are happy with your services.