Avoid The Mess And Call A Drain Cleaning Service In Mississauga.

Cleaning your home is important, but it can be easy to forget about the parts of your home that are not visible - like the inside of your drains. Unfortunately, the effects of a blocked drain are usually only seen once something is damaged, and by then, it’s simply too late to get the plunger out. Without drain cleaning chalco ne, you struggle with slow drainage, unpleasant smells and leaks or burst pipes that damage your home.

Here at Rooter Team, we encourage regular drain cleaning services in Mississauga to keep your pipes healthy and working with full proficiency.

Harmful Effects Of A Blocked Drain In Your Home

Although your home feels and looks clean, many germs and bacteria are lurking in the unknown of your drain pipes. The build-up of food, debris, and grease is the ideal environment for the growth of bacteria that ultimately lead to diseases and illnesses, such as respiratory infections. In addition, blocked pipes can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your home and drainage system, leaving you with multiple problems to face from neglecting what now seems to be a fairly quick job.

Let’s take a look at some other harmful effects of a blocked drain:

  • Unhygienic environment - blocked drains bring in many germs and bacteria that infiltrate the water and the air that we breathe. As a result, illnesses are introduced, and allergies flare up, causing skin irritation and inflammation. Also, using contaminated water to do laundry, take a bath, cook or wash the floors and countertops is counterproductive and is essentially spreading the bacteria across your home, making it more likely for you to fall ill.
  • Unpleasant smell - there are many things in our homes that may cause an unpleasant smell. The trash bins, damp rugs, pet accidents, or even dead rodents in the walls of our home can leave a lingering bad smell. But, a blocked drain emits a distinguishable smell that is easily recognized and will be stronger the closer you get to the drain. Severely blocked drains, however, may cause bad smells in several pipes around your home, so make sure to call in a professional to have it cleared out.
  • Structural damage to your home - blocked drains will cause a backflow of water and can cause leaks or even burst pipes that then soak into the foundation of your home. Also, flooding can occur, which can significantly damage the flooring, walls and contents.
  • Slow drainage - if you notice slow drainage in your home, you need to call in a plumber. Despite the inconveniences of slow drainage, it also allows for waste to sit around longer than it should, and a severely blocked drain may cause an overflow of the contaminated water back into your home.
  • Leaks - leaking pipes comes with many issues. They cause dampness which introduces insects, mould and mildew into your home. Also, they are expensive to replace and may skyrocket your water bill if left unattended for too long.
  • Contaminated water - the worst part of a blocked drain is not knowing what is causing the blockage. Usual culprits include food and debris, but there are many other things that can block your drain and pipes. Possibly the worst contaminator is a dead animal. Animals like rodents scurry through sewer pipes and may die before reaching the exist. Water flow then pushes them into your pipes which causes the blockage. As the animal decomposes, it introduces a plethora of harmful bacteria and spreads diseases it may have been carrying while alive. Without knowing it, your family may be consuming the contaminated water, potentially putting you at risk for infection.

To keep your drains as healthy as possible, avoid flushing non-regulatory items down the toilet and scrape food off of plates before rinsing them in the kitchen sink. In addition, you should have your pipes inspected by an expert in drain cleaning dallas tx and drain cleaning north charleston sc every few months to ensure they are clean and working properly.

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