Assessing the Indispensable Value of Female Business Leaders

It is official. Women business leaders are taking the lead, and there is plenty of evidence that is backing this statement. According to a study published by the University of California, it was revealed that major California companies with women at the top of the business hierarchy have been performing significantly better than the ones that have mostly male executives and boards.

Another report presented in 2021 by the Women in the Workplace has also demonstrated women's prowess in diversity, inclusion, and equity. At the moment, more than 50% of senior-level women tend to spend time outside of their job responsibilities in order to enhance DEI in their workplace. And out of senior-level men, less than 47% of them do this.

Furthermore, there is another analysis that has been reported by the Harvard Business Review where it was found that women in business scored higher than men when it came to major key leadership qualities, including resilience and an attitude that brought about positive business results. Additionally, it was also stated that women tend to pull ahead in bold leadership, teamwork, and motivation.

There are a number of reasons why women are becoming the face of business leadership - here are a few examples of some of the following qualities that women possess that give them an edge in business.

Giving Value to Work-Life Balance

A majority of female business leaders know how to balance raising their kids and giving time to their families while staying proficient in their professional lives. This way, they are able to develop skills that help them to multitask and set their priorities while simultaneously encouraging their employees to do the same.


When leaders are able to feel empathy, they can build and nurture strong relationships with their team. Also, it helps women in leadership to understand what their employees need to enhance their productivity and feel appreciated for their work.

Handling Dire Situations

Organizational changes require business leaders to adopt critical thinking and flexibility. This is where women come in. They instinctively know how to deal with a crisis when it is least expected. Workers look towards such leaders for guidance and clarity, and having a quickly adaptable response in a crisis situation can immediately change the atmosphere of a work environment.

An experienced women leader can make a difference when a board must make complex business decisions. Sharon R. Bock is one of those unique leaders who’s success demonstrates that the strength of a woman’s perspective when combined with business skills, yields measurable results.

Bock, an attorney and business executive, speaks nationally and internationally on management, finance and law. She earned many finance credentials including her series 7, 65, 63 and along with managing a government portfolio of over $2 billion dollars she was a long time board member of FLClass, an intergovernmental investment pool.

In 2005, Bock was elected Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County Florida where she excelled in using her skills to build a world class government agency. She received numerous awards for her work including the Governor’s Sterling Award for Organizational Excellence, Digital Edge 50 award from CIO magazine form her ground breaking application of artificial intelligence for courts and was named one of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Florida by Florida Diversity magazine.

Working with a staff of over 800 for 20 years, Bock demonstrates the power of long term sound leadership to build a strategic vision through collaborative teamwork and a focus on innovation to meet customer needs. She is the face of today’s business woman.