Amazing Benefits of Polished Concrete Floor

Regardless, of any space industrial, residential or commercial, flooring always plays an important role, and therefore needs to be chosen after a lot of thinking process, as it is not at all easy to change it very frequently. There are many floor treatments and coatings which could be appropriate in an industrial or commercial setting. Choice of any flooring ultimately comes down to factors such as any special performance requirement, the work environment, the floor dimensions, and the cost per square foot. 

Polished concrete flooring is much superior as compared to other floorings like epoxy flooring, for a simple reason the former relates to the treatment process better. It is important not to overlook the benefits of polished concrete, as re-doing flooring is much more costly as well as time-consuming. If you are interested in the best quality finishes and protection of your polished concrete in Melbourne, contact Ultra Grind, one of the finest contractors. 

Here are great benefits of polished concrete flooring:

  • Stain-resistant surface

The most significant challenge of concrete is its porous nature, as it results in a substantial part of its maintenance cost for a lifetime. Polishing the concrete helps to seal the surface and thus making it even denser. This would enable it to repel oil, water, and other natural surface contamination, also in the absence of any special protection.

  • Better ambient light & reflectivity

It makes your safety painting much more effective due to a greater reflectivity. It even provides long-term benefits to control energy use as well. Overall and superior ambient lightening could make your space or facility look cleaner and newer, so it is more inviting to work.

  • End to efflorescence & dusting

Untreated concrete flooring is stronger, but still, it is vulnerable to certain types of natural chemical reactions and damages. Concrete is porous in nature, so the salt migration process (efflorescence) is occurring always. That may lead to dusting which could not only damage other surface coating but epoxies as well. So, such problems are resolved, if the concrete is polished.

  • Cost-effective maintenance 

Over many years, the overall effect of polished concrete is cut by thousands of dollars. You don’t need aggressive scrubbing for eliminating stains. In addition to that, you do not require investing unnecessarily in stripping or waxing for maintaining the characteristic sheen.

  • No extensive toxins, clean-ups, or hazards

Most businesses generally put off extensive flooring projects due to potential hazards for safety purposes. Concrete flooring uses no abrasive or harsh chemicals and thus produces no hazardous waste products. Also, ventilation in the treated area is not a matter of concern. That means many projects can easily be completed in a few days or even hours.

If you are looking for specialist contractors for polished concrete in Melbourne and Bendigo, contact Ultra Grind today. They offer a wide range of finishing services for your unique needs. Ultra Grind services the industrial, commercial, and residential market, so what are you waiting for, choose the master for all types of concrete finishing services.