AC Upkeep: 5 Signs Your AC Needs Aircon General Servicing
Maintaining your air conditioner with regular aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore is essential for optimal performance. With its help, you can discard the dust, dirt, mould, and mildew collecting in the machine and release allergic spores into the air. It's also possible to wind up with a non-functioning space cooler if you don't keep the AC in good working order. And if this happens, your house will become as hot as, or hotter than, the outside air. However, there's some good news: your air conditioner will likely give you a few cues and hints before it fails. Keep an eye out for the warning signs discussed below. Then, as soon as you discover them, arrange for aircon service for your air conditioner.

1. Dirty and Dusty Filter

Due to the accumulation of such contaminants, your air conditioner is unable to perform as well as it should, leading to higher than necessary energy costs. Furthermore, those with allergies will find that a dirty filter releases allergens and other irritants into the air. Hence, aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore is crucial.

2. Water Leaks

As it operates, your air conditioner, which uses refrigerant to cool the house, may cause condensation. However, avoid these liquids that seep inside your home and form puddles. If there is standing water or leakage around your air conditioner, likely, it is not functioning well. And if you need help with AC repairs, call the cheapest aircon service in Singapore ASAP. Rapid water damage and even structural problems can result from leaks in the home.

3. AC Turns On and Off

Your air conditioner may turn on and off more frequently than usual if your thermostat gets incorrectly set. Short-cycling describes a problem in which an air conditioner turns on and off at a constant pace, usually for less than ten minutes each time. Therefore, it is also possible for a misreading thermostat to be to blame. To add insult to injury, if your air conditioner turns on and off at intervals of less than five minutes, it is likely short-cycling. It could mean that you need to get your air conditioner fixed by a qualified aircon service.

4. Warm Air

If warm air is coming from the vents in your home, you may want to turn down the heat. Set it in cooling mode and turn it to a more comfortable temperature. If the air blown from your vents is still warm, the problem may be a lack of airflow or a faulty compressor. Contact your aircon service ASAP if this occurs.

5. Insufficient Airflow

An inefficient air conditioner or a blockage in the ductwork can result in uncomfortable low airflow throughout your home. Potential causes include a dirty filter, a malfunctioning motor, or something more serious. Aircon general servicing suggests an energy-recovery ventilator if inadequate ventilation is a persistent problem in your home. It can help your AC run more efficiently by replacing stale air with clean air at regular intervals during operation. Zoning systems for your HVAC would also be beneficial; they can direct the air and coolness exactly where it's needed.
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