A Homeowner’s Guide To Maintaining Indoor Blinds

Window coverings are undoubtedly crucial components of a home. Aside from providing householders like you with privacy, curtains and indoor blinds can regulate light and temperature. They can also help you feel comfortable and productive at home while lowering your monthly electricity consumption.

Among the many window coverings available in the city-state, home blinds are arguably one of the most popular options for numerous householders. Unlike curtains, blinds are more durable and affordable. Window blinds are also easier to clean due to their simple build. Moreover, they are available in various styles, materials, and sizes to accommodate different needs and preferences.

But before getting blinds installation services in Singapore, you should know how to look after these window covers to prolong their lives and prevent avoidable damages. You can ask your home blinds manufacturer for a few maintenance tips and tricks—but you can also refer to this simple guide to learn how a homeowner like you can care for your blinds:

A Homeowner’s Guide To Maintaining Indoor Blinds

1. Eliminate Dust And Debris

Like other items inside your dwelling, indoor blinds can collect dust and dirt after a few weeks of use. If you want your window blinds to remain functional for many years, eliminate debris accumulating on their surface using a damp cloth or vacuum.

2. Know Which Cleaning Solutions To Avoid

Not every cleaning solution is suitable for lounge or bedroom blinds. As much as possible, opt for gentle cleansers that will not damage its material. You can ask the manufacturer or supplier of your blinds for a list of all the cleaning products you can use to maintain your window covers to keep them from unexpectedly deteriorating.

3. Follow The User Manual

Never throw away the user manual after purchasing your indoor blinds. This document contains instructions on operating and maintaining your window covers. Some manuals even have the warranty card or complimentary repair service voucher, so never put it in the bin.

4. Learn When To Replace Clips And Slats

If you buy living room or bedroom blinds, you should know when to replace their clips and slats—especially if your manufacturer made these components with plastic. You can change these parts yourself, but you can hire a repair expert to help you replace them.

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