6 Important Things To Do Before Your HDB Resale Flat Renovation

You may have to spend money on an HDB resale renovation, either because of the property's condition or because of its design. The cost of removing and replacing any core features and construction will almost certainly be higher.

To make sure that you achieve your dream HDB interior design, here is a list of things you'll need to check off before you start remodelling.

  1. Determine the repairs

When doing an HDB resale renovation, inspect the property before making any changes and moving in. Like a condo renovation in Singapore, the general rule is to examine your water, electricity and furniture.

  1. Look for signs of damage

Before you apply your HDB renovation ideas, see whether there are any signs of deterioration, such as flaking paint or wallpaper or a mouldy odour. Keep an ear out for drips and a close check on your water account to rule out any hidden problems.

  1. Determine the improvements

Architecture and decor alone, it's likely that any built-ins, amenities, and furnishings you find in a resale apartment will be out of date. You must hire a team who can help you with this. Choose experts in HDB and condo interior design in Singapore.

  1. Inspect your electricity and lights

In an HDB resale renovation, you will need to decide if you will make any adjustments to the electrical plan. How do you like the plugs and switches?

  1. Check the essentials

Is there anything else you could add to your home to make it feel more home? When designing a space, it's crucial to consider how you'll utilise it and what development you'll require. Analyse your current environment and see what you enjoy and dislike about it. Consider researching some HDB renovation ideas.

  1. Plan your budget wisely

Even though you'd want to begin soon on your HDB resale renovation, you must set a budget before you begin. Talk to your interior designer about the cost.

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