4 Things to Do Before House Cleaning Services in Singapore 

So, you've decided to pay for residential cleaning services for the first time, but you're unsure of your responsibilities. After all, you're hiring a professional to do the cleaning for you, but there is typically a clear delineation between what they will and will not do.

Utilise these four tips to master house cleaner etiquette and maximise your service.

Do a background check.

Before choosing professional cleaning services in Singapore, you should conduct extensive research to avoid surprises or misunderstandings. If you're wondering how to find a reliable house cleaner, it's essential to conduct research beforehand. Examine the services provided by the top-rated cleaning companies in your area to determine what they include. Before hiring a cleaning business, it is essential to confirm that it is adequately insured.

Control your pets.

Good house cleaning etiquette requires you to cage your dog and keep your cats behind closed doors. During house cleaning services in Singapore, your pets may cause distractions, especially if they follow your cleaner around looking for scratches. Your housekeeper may have allergies or phobias, so it's considerate to hide your furry friends until they're finished.

Address any inquiries or special requests.

Communicate your needs clearly when meeting with home cleaning services in Singapore or other house cleaning services in your area. For instance, if your dusty window blinds are driving you crazy, ensure your housekeeper is aware not to overlook them. Prepare your talking points in advance if you want to do a quick walk-through with your house cleaner to save time.

Manage expectations.

When hiring post renovation cleaning, you will typically have to decide between general and deep cleaning. Each has a list of essential tasks that the housekeeper will perform. If you have any additional requests, be sure to communicate them and be prepared for any fees that may result.

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